During yearly treks to Burning Man 2001-2005, faux fur was as common as glitter and rampant public nudity… yawn.

But, come 2011, this sleek faux fur vest is something I’m interested in wearing again– it’s all about the slim silhouette and earthy colors. I would layer it over a long t-shirt or sweater– and pants for goodness sake. Hold the glitter.

To make a faux fur vest of your very own, you could either trace the pieces of a vest from your closet that fits you well, or download a pdf pattern here. One note: my pattern includes sizes 2 (XS) through 10 (XL)– larger sizes can be made by enlarging each pattern piece on your scanner or at the local copy shop.

Once you have your pattern pieces cut out, here’s what to do:

1. Cut the vest pieces from both fur and polar fleece.

2. Working with the fleece first, with the right sides together, sew the back to the front pieces at the side seams and the shoulders.

3. Repeat with the fur pieces, sewing the right (furry) sides together at the side and shoulder seams.

4. Place the fur vest pieces on top of the fleece pieces, so that the right sides are facing together. Stitch the fur to the fleece along the front edge and collar.

5. Turn the vest right side out and carefully turn under the armholes 1/4 inch. Pin the fleece to the fur at the armholes so that no raw edges are showing. Stitch together.

6. Repeat for the bottom edge, turning under the edges and stitching so that no raw edges are visible.