Happy Mother’s Day! This riot of flowers is created with some outdoor-grade paint, the top of a pencil and a couple of skewers of different diameters. The teensy floral print is a perfect pattern for those of us whose painting skills stopped evolving in preschool. The technique is simply making dots– different sized dots surrounding other dots. The live flower bouquet is composed of deep red ranunculus and regular and pom-pom chrysanthemums.

What You Need:

glazed terra cotta vase

terra cotta paint (like Plaid’s “Patio Paint”)

wooden skewers of different diameters


wax paper

What To Do:

1. Start with a plain glazed vase. Working on a sheet of wax paper, make the larger flowers, by dipping the top end of a pencil or a large diameter wooden skewer in a puddle of outdoor paint and applying to the vase. At first, it will look pretty awful. Don’t despair. Keep calm and carry on.

2. The trick is to fill nearly every millimeter with petals. After you have a smattering of large flowers, start filling in with dots of different colors in groups of threes and fives, until you have a wild garden of teensy buds and petals. Allow to dry, fill with real flowers, and present to your favorite mom.