You’ve heard of the Java Jacket. Consider this project the Ceylon Sweater.

I have a pile of sweaters I’ve rescued from thrift stores. At the sweater rack in the local Goodwill, I am like a crazy cat-lady let loose at the Humane Society. I have to take some home. Then I have to figure out what to do with them.

This beverage sleeve and coaster set was upcycled from a men’s Izod sweater. I was going for a handsome, streamlined gift for a handsome, streamlined kind of guy. For a preppy type, try argyle. Or black and white stripes and a skull patch for your favorite pirate. Or pink polka-dots for a girl-y girl. Tons of different knits out there need good homes!

These projects require just beginner sewing skills, and they take less than an hour to make.

What You Need:

cardboard Java Jacket to use as a template

marker (disappearing ink, if you like)

old sweater

1/4 yard 100% wool felt– do NOT use synthetic craft felt for this project- it’s not as heat tolerant (or pretty) as wool

fusible webbing (like Wonder Under or Heat-n-Bond)


sewing machine & thread


What To Do:

template1. Using the java jacket as a template, trace with the marker and cut out one wool felt and one sweater piece of the same size.

velcro_placement2. Lay the sweater piece over the wool felt and position the velcro so that the hook piece will meet the loop piece when the sweater sleeve is wrapped.


3. Stitch each velcro piece in place.

webbing4. Press the fusible webbing (paper side up) to the wrong side of the wool felt, using the heat settings described on the package. The webbing will keep the sweater from stretching and warping while you are stitching the sleeve together.

peel5. Peel off the paper backing and press the sweater to the felt, wrong sides together (sides with velcro each facing out).

stitch6. Use a few pins to keep the layers securely in place and stitch around the perimeter of the sleeve, 1/8-1/4″ from the edge. Trim the edges to make everything neat and pretty.

7. For each coaster, cut a 4×4″ square of felt and a 4×4″ square of sweater. Fuse with webbing and stitch the edges as you did for the sleeve.